Feb 5, 2008

What i was upto..

Here is in article [Indian Express, Dec. 15], that was published about my project. Graduated i am, but taking things forward.
Hence the blog is back :)
Note that i might not however be posting on a dialy basis like i used to do.

Graduation Exhibition setup where i had people to react on the Trend Book produced for my diploma [the 'long thing' spread up in front of me on the black wooden block].
I had created a 'photo studio' space where visitors would sit and call my phone [linked to my computer]. This would trigger the camera to fire every time the phone rang. This way, i collected very genuine portraits of people with their phones. I would then ask them to write down which of the trends featured in the book they liked the most and why [upto 3 trends - although some could help but select 4!!]. These portraits were compiled into a series of layout i created after the show.


Hari Potter said...

heyyyy...nice idea :)

sophie* said...

You should have come and tried it out Potter!
It was quite interesting to browse through people's surprised expressions after that.

I don't like people pausing. Even when thety knew, it wasn't possible to predict when the camera would fire exactly, so that was nice.