Feb 5, 2008

'By two' Phone

A school driver and his two phones: 'personal one' and 'school one'.
When double Sim-Card slots devices are available in the (grey) market for cheap, one can wonder why two phones. Why would a driver with rather low incomes spend on an extra phone [or not sell the one he already has] when the school provides him with a decent one?

Freedom of choice?
Two phones = doubled social status / increased popularity??
One has radio the other hasn't??
Nokia vs LG??
Too attached to sell his old phone?

One thing for sure, he kept checking and taking calls from both phones - this very frequently - during the trip... which kept him very busy [i.e: Indian traffic and micro -macros? - breaks]

1 comment:

Hari Potter said...

hehehe....This seems to have become a common feature cutting across many societal stratas...
I don't know how they do it though. Many a time I've wanted to fling my phone as far as I possibly can and break the electronic lease...