Feb 5, 2008

Real Life Scenario

The reason why i posted this truly unclear picture is NOT to provide an example of how bad the indoor picture quality of the E61i is. [although it is truly disappointing, while outdoors day shots are very decent for a 2Mpx].

The reason why i posted this picture is that it is the only witness of a scene that intrigued me quite a bit.

While sitting at Koshys [one of the oldest Fisn n Chips in Bangalore] the other night, there was this man eating alone on the next table. He visibly wasn't from Bangalore [i would assume he was from Bombay] and was having dinner alone. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. He was holding his N95 on one hand as he ate, and seemed to have been checking mails now and then. Again, that was just me observing people around me. Probably was he also doing this to get some kind of company/reassurance.

But the man truly grabbed my attention when he suddenly held the device closer to the table, flipped it and, [not so discretely] shot himself [self portrait] as he had just finished eating.

Why did he do that? I wonder. The scene was over soon, but did have a weird note to it.

In any case, there are couple of opportunities one could consider from this:

1] An application targetting loneliness OR the hard task to choose what to eat > for people who eat outside alone too often on business trips.

2] An application that helps/encourages us to keep track of our moods. Or record all the happy moments of our lives (i.e: happy after a good meal)

3] An easily accessible 'discreet mode' for the camera so that even the most narcissistic of us could shoot ourselves anywhere without having to be embarrassed.
> Say a mode where the subject is over-exposed and the flash disabled.

4] Perhaps this man just wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything stuck between his teeth, in which case, a phone which screen becomes highly reflective [when the phone is idle] would just be enough - not just girly phones require this feature.

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