Feb 5, 2008

New Age French Romanticism

Posted here are only two of the far too many articles updating (avid) readers on the SARKOZI-BRUNI saga. Articles started to appear as early as November and reached a frequency peek in the last few weeks [Times of India featuring up-to 4 articles in a same edition].
The orchstrated media buzz around this story is completely crazy ad makes me wish i was never born french. But the very fact that Indian media picked it up so intensely, praising 'Sarko' despite his very-right political views, this truly is ridiculous.
To make things worse, nuclear and weapon-related deals seem to have gone unnoticed and generated around 4 articles out of the whole romantic lot!!! [i.e: and praising him here again: how nice! The great Sarkozy 'agreed to help India' acquire weapons!]

Whatever is FRENCH seems to be highly praised here no matter what, but it makes me wonder how much of media Bulls** people can swallow before they realize that they haven formed an opinion of their own in long time.

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Hari Potter said...

seriously. What a truckload of crap. People are dying of hunger, farmers are killing themselves and we're suddenly supposed to be enamored by the lives and loves of some French president, who by all accounts is a right-wing-supermoron....sound familiar, George?