Feb 12, 2008

Indian Social Networking Site :/

People interested in social networking sites and India might have noticed the fair amount of online articles reporting the launch of "Corners" a new Indian social-networking site yesterday.[Read the press release here]

As the site had just launched, there was only a few users registered when i visited the site. Despite this there was already a fair amount of 'Babe pics' uploaded, as well as the inevitable Cricket/Bollywood/i-phone lot.

My feeling is that the reality of the site will be quite different from what the press release promises. In India there are many people who spend their (ample) free time in cyber cafes trying to make 'friends', chat, watch porn [and it happens so that the distinction between the 3 activities mentioned tend at times to get blurred].

Frankly, i doubt many girls will feel at ease on such sites, as it might soon get more breasts by the pixel-inch than truly relevant information.
> An example to illustrate this point: keep your skype status on "Skype me" or your blue tooth ON for a few minutes and pop-up windows won't be long to find their ways to your screen, along with "friends requests from BABU G" and other "Peering request from SANTOSH K." :(

The site claims that "Corners brings innovative presentation and intuitive design to find, use, share and extend the content and the community – this is one of a kind site for Indian market! Corners is meant to deliver excitement, fun and entertain the users." I'm quite skeptical about the nature of the content mentioned here. Talking about excitement and fun well, maybe - depending on what one is looking for.

One interesting point however: this site could be worth bookmarking (i did) in order to keep an eye on trends and popular topics/area of interest for any industry targeting the Mass Market [middle class segment].

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