Feb 5, 2008

Hybrid Transactions: Services for 'Transitional Habits'

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Convenience of booking online [Location of the transaction at the user's convenience. Could even be on the move.] | [psychological] Safety of paying by cash [real money, eventually real ticket] | 'Human' character of the money transaction [Human-Human interaction].

[more] Affordable Technology and enhanced lifestyles inevitably engender the emergence of new modes of consumption.
However, changes at societal/psychological level are slow to take place - not everyone is eager to change. Changing one's behavior implies that one will have to step out of his/her comfort zone and eventually challenge number of deeply-rooted mechanisms or beliefs.

Design & Well-being | Experience Design

These notions have become central to most design discussions and processes today.

How can we apply them to:

Designing services for the 'transitional spaces' of emerging societies?

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