Oct 1, 2007

First Time?

1. Jeans Ad.

2. Condoms Ad.

Spotted a Condom Ad in the papers yesterday.
I can't say for sure that it is the first time ever that a condom ad is being published in the papers, but it wouldn't surprise me since i haven't even seen condom print-ads in magazines such as Cosmopolitan famous for its pseudo sex-articles, and never publishes an issue which doesn't have the word SEX on its cover page.

Why posting this ad at all?
> Because i think that the appearance of sexual-behaviors-related articles/ads/etc...
- along with taboos it breaks - are good indicators of changes in lifestyles & society in general.
>> I find the resemblance between this ad and the denim ad published in the same papers a day earlier quite interesting
[is it about being young and fashionable? Enduring? Daring? Desirable?].

>>>Also, talking about values that are important to Indian consumers; and here again: value for money, 3 in 1. Get more for what you pay. More pleasure also matters. [Can't help but relate it to the current buzz around experience design & design for well being].

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