Oct 9, 2007

Youth + Style + Identity

Y+S+I =? >> The equation is no different in India.
Shaved head no longer, Time for some more explorations...

Oct 8, 2007

Global / Local Wrinkles



What are the elements that can be (almost) literally replicated [color palette, packaging, etc...] and those which have to be altered to suit the Indian audience better?
clue: Latest technology & expertise v.s Importance of results [the much loved "before -after"].

Oct 7, 2007

Coffee Transparency

Spotted at the BLR airport

More than coffee: "Honest Coffee", served at a Five Star hotel.

'Never though of it that way. Is it about not letting one down on Caffeine? About minimal food miles? A coffee so intensely black that it clearly reflects ones sleepless eyes in the morning ["You HONESTLY need some Coffee buddy"]?

Oct 6, 2007

Pointing Fingers

Fly phones pointing a finger at Nokia?

Oct 5, 2007

Forced Customization

The back-lid of her phone broke and had fallen off. The transparent protective case now holds the phone together while a little piece of paper embellished with a hand-drawn pattern covers the battery and hides the decaying state of her phone.

Oct 4, 2007

Internet Greed


Oct 3, 2007

Street v.s Breed Dogs

Unusual auto-rishaw passenger.
[marginal early-adopter or Leapfrog phenomenon?]

On a kissing passenger seat.
[Customization, Identity, Cultural Influence on the notion of 'Cool']

... Observing from his throne the fashionable and other foreign-breed dogs getting grommed and pampered.
[Western influence on lifesyle/identity/aspirations || Class distinction, exclusivity, desirability].

Oct 2, 2007

100% Happiness, 0% Interests

'Walk into any UniverCell showroom and pick up The NSeries mobile of your dreams".
Buying a high-end mobile phone on credit.
Doesn't make sense to you? Try replacing
mobile phone by status.

NirvanaSeries phones "endless possibilities", pink happiness, black and Gold shine, rich plum.

Oct 1, 2007

First Time?

1. Jeans Ad.

2. Condoms Ad.

Spotted a Condom Ad in the papers yesterday.
I can't say for sure that it is the first time ever that a condom ad is being published in the papers, but it wouldn't surprise me since i haven't even seen condom print-ads in magazines such as Cosmopolitan famous for its pseudo sex-articles, and never publishes an issue which doesn't have the word SEX on its cover page.

Why posting this ad at all?
> Because i think that the appearance of sexual-behaviors-related articles/ads/etc...
- along with taboos it breaks - are good indicators of changes in lifestyles & society in general.
>> I find the resemblance between this ad and the denim ad published in the same papers a day earlier quite interesting
[is it about being young and fashionable? Enduring? Daring? Desirable?].

>>>Also, talking about values that are important to Indian consumers; and here again: value for money, 3 in 1. Get more for what you pay. More pleasure also matters. [Can't help but relate it to the current buzz around experience design & design for well being].