Sep 21, 2007

A Western View on Indian Fashion

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Article published in today's Times of India.

Sadly enough, i share the opinion that India is at the moment suffering from the "being-stuck-in-the-middle" syndrome.
Necessary Identity Crisis?

The question is [are]: Can India finally start believing in itself and TRY NOT to please the West?
How can we (as indian designers) prove and communicate an image of Indian Design [in general] that is "to die for" rather than already half-dead struggling to become something that it is not?

While a few from the creative industry are willing to take risks and are actively trying to prove that "India is Cool, turning 60 and becoming sexier"*, many do not seem to associate breakthrough ideas with risk-taking and being true to oneself - which might be where the problem lies in the first place. Or maybe not. Suggestions anyone?

*quoting Tarunn - advertising/fashion photographer
[you can see his work at: ]

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