Sep 18, 2007

Rainbow at the A-T-M

I had a Rainbow-Experience at the ATM* today. Following that, some thoughts surfaced, i catched a few:
1. The ATM screen doesn't have a degauss button.
2. It's in fact strange that this situation never occurred before - considering its Smile Generating Quotient [for the person doing it & for the person viewing it].
3. Why are ATM's experience so boring on the whole anyway? [How] can serious-by-nature automated money transactions be made more "happy" and pleasurable?

*ask anyone here the meaning of ATM: 96% guarantee that the answer won't be Automated Teller Machine but "Any Time Money" - which i think makes much more sense, so i personaly stick to that definition [i anyway thought it meant:"Automated Money Transaction"]

>So comes the question of: Cultural translations/interpretations of Global systems or concepts.
Calling things by what they do: Anyone being aware of other Culturally-defined interpretation of ATM, please add it in the comment section of this post (with precision on the country/region).


Ricardo said...

Hi, just been reading your old posts since I've just added your blog to my feeds.
I'm from Mexico, and is some places you see that banks got rid of the ATM logo, well at least it's placed in a smaller size in ATM's located next or in the bank, plus de title "cajero automático" (spanish for automatic teller, literally).
For lonely ATM's the ATM logo is placed above bank's logo and in larger size.
Great blog!

sophie* said...

Nice to be read all the way from Mexico!
Thanks for commenting, it feels more like an exchange :)