Sep 12, 2007

Good-Old Interaction Platform

Royal Bombay Yatch Club counter.
The simplicity and clarity/efficiency of the good-old IN - OUT display makes me wonder why it was "abandoned" in the first place.

Manual/Physical movement and Interaction Design: How much does/to what extend or in what conditions can a manual operation enhance the quality of an interaction platform [or the pleasure quotient related to it?].

Privacy issues and "Special Attention": Display of Guest's names for everyone to see, as wee as their status [in-out]. To what extend will the guests feel special [they own the place for that period of time] or threatened [their privacy being challenged by the public display of their name].

*Same phenomenon observed while flying back on Kingfisher airlines: Hostesses calling passengers by their Mister [X] names. - As she had not mentioned MY name [she probaby decided that mispronouncing my foreign-looking name would irritate me more than it would please me], i first thought that my mister X neighbour was some kind of a V.I.P who could not get a buisiness-class ticket [his ridiculousy gym-buffed body was enough to make my hypothesis viable], untill i realised that every single passenger was named out, and again for coffee.
Did i feel left-out or relieved? Well definately relieved, although i could help but think that i might be marked absent.

note: Interesting similarity between this old-style wooden interraction platform, and the on-offline status/virtual plateform of IM applications...

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