Sep 13, 2007

Context/Package Specific

How many European people would die to own such a Tea dipspenser that will bring a great vintage/exotic touch to their kitchen?
For most "Premium-Indians"*, such an object would probably be associated with "cheap" road-side tea stalls. Yet, one can find "masala chai" counters in 5 stars hotels. They recreate the road-side-tea-nostalgia [related to college days for many] and are highly fancied.

When nostalgia brings-in some sort of exotism... and the effect context & packaging on what will become Desirable and Hip to buy or consume.

*no offence, i just mean here consumers of premium-products and other european design (etc...)

Hindustan Tea... Picture this dipenser in your modern Kitchen now? What if its stainless-steel was to be stenciled-out with a flowery pattern, that would enravel parts of an inner glass Jar?? Picture it? Want it??! [i do].


Shutterfly said...

love the second collage.
india coffee house should be a heritage landmark in bangalore :o)
you're only as strong as the coffee you drink.

sophie* said...

That's so true, and it's got to be strong.
Strong and sweet that is.