Sep 19, 2007

Advertising After-life and Reinterpretation

Spotted at a fruit Chaat mobile kiosk (chariot).

The Banana here is no bad joke, the fruit is just meant to prevent the torn-out newspaper sheets [they are used to make cones from which the fruit "salad" will be eaten] to fly away.

A thought on the after-life of advertising:
- [How] will it spread further?
- The context changing, what are the chances for its message to be altered?
What are the risks for missinterpretation of the intended message? It's possible enhancement? The chances for it to be picked up and become part of the popular culture? Start a trend? Be picked up by someone [like me] and be kept back in the Media Loop?


Hari Potter said...

Awesome blog. Very thought provoking. That's usually a good thing. :)

sophie* said...

;) feel free to come back and comment mister potter!