Sep 16, 2007

Add Shine to the Old, Sell more? [2]

Same old biscuits, Shinier packet.
... and a few other changes:
[1] The plate diseappears.
[2] Emphasis on the biscuits more than the logo.
[3] The "Rolls" of butter become a little more realistic.
[4] The green band (brand trademark accross subbrands) diseappears.
[5] NEW (of course).
[6] Butter becomesRICH Butter (why bother with gold rims and shine otherwise?)
[7] Biscuits become COOKIES.


Hari Potter said...

How would 'cookies' sell better, I wonder? We all call them 'biscuits'? Why are we trying so damn hard to emulate the west?

sophie* said...

hari potter, i wonder the same... I used to buy tiger "Chai Biskoot" just for the name which was a true joy... "Cookies"... Give me a break.