Aug 14, 2007

Phone Abuse

Mahima, 18 years, Design student.

Proud of the tie she put on especially for her review in college ("It's a cat-cartoony tie", she ads), she was also showing me the sad stage of her phone... "A year old" she says, "and i dropped it so many times, a bus even sort of ran over it".
About a Nokia move: she gave me a demonstration of how, because of the flap being completely loose, she can open it with a single shake of her hand... and close it the same way. She even goes to the extend of flappping it back and forth, appreciating the ryhthm of the clapa-clapa-flap.

She says that if it was an i-phone, yes, she would be oh-so-careful about it, "but i still like this phone", she says,"and it is going to last me for at least two years more". To which she adds: "my previous phone, the 2300, my parents took it away from me and never gave it back to me, replacing it with this one because they were so ashamed of the state it was in, but it worked!"

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