Aug 10, 2007

New Phone

Paru, 18 years old, Student in Art and Design (1st year).

I spotted her in the morning taking out her new phone with a contented smile, while we were waiting for the bus. Yes, IT IS a new phone she said, her smile widening further. "I had a Razr before, but one day it just died on me, i was using a friend's phone since then, but yesterday my friend told me that she wanted it back, so i had to get a new one".

She says she likes the color red, because it's Funcky, cool and different. "I like it because it's glossy and matte here at the back. I like the contrast" she adds.

When i asked her about the subtle design/pattern at the back, she answered:
"Yeah, it's nice, i mean, i don't really notice it. There was a pink one, really cool, with flowers. I mean, pink is ok, but these flowers were reaaaally nice. Why didn't i buy it? They didn't have stock and i couldn't wait. An impulsive buy, she agrees, ", i needed a phone!".

When i asked her if she paid for the phone herself, she told me that she had paid part of it while her grandmother had paid for the rest. To which she added: "My mother would never agree to put so much money on a phone. But i got it for 10 [thousand rupees], because my oncle's got a phone shop".

I need to interview this girl in more depth next week, once i get my camera :)

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