Aug 31, 2007

August 31, September 1,2

(1,2: "decor" in the conference room ; 3,4,5: NCS Color workshop with Berit Bergstrom).

Aug 30, 2007


I Will be off for a 3 days workshop/conference on Color Trends in India. (conference organized by Freedom Tree Design - more information can be found on their site).

Aug 29, 2007

Modernity - REPLY

click on the image to enlarge.

On the 22nd August, i posted a newspaper article on modernity. The same day, i also wrote to the author of the article. Here is a copy of that mail with his reply.

Aug 28, 2007

No "U" Turn

Influence of SMS language on signage?

Aug 27, 2007

S - for SMS and Snack

"Snack and SMS".
Banana chips & N71... and the importance of one-hand messaging

Aug 26, 2007

Touch Screen (...and a girl)

Newspaper ad for the new HTC P3400.

Aug 25, 2007

Calculator in Context

Spotted at a newly opened supermarket: this old man taking out his phone in order to check his bill amount on the handy calculator While people are quite enthusiastic shopping in westernized retail spaces, the trust level in the technology based billing process doesn't quite match the mutual trust one keeps with shop keepers from local grocery stores (where the bill is often inexistent, scribbled on an old newspaper or verbally reported to the next day / end of the week).

Aug 24, 2007

Retro or not Retro? (... and a girl)

New range of fridges from the popular brand GODrej (nothing to do with deities).
Retro or not Retro? The Indian and Western opinion on this point might differ...

Aug 23, 2007

Mall intimacy

[Colorful] Food-Court on the top floor of a shopping mall. A very popular spot amongst sutdents and middle class families (outing) in the week-ends.

Aug 22, 2007


(click on the image to read the full article)

Some of the most interesting points:

Designer Boutique [Display]

Indian Opulence: Vibrant colors and rich embroderies/sequence work.

Aug 20, 2007

Glocal Car [another hybrid]

Indian "status", European quality-standard ad Prestige.

The END of the Ambassador???

Aug 19, 2007

Plucking Flowers...

Young man guiltily looking at me and running away, as i "caught him" plucking flowers from the road-side and carefully arrange them in the pocket of his shirt...
Socially acceptable, yet...

(And yes, the color-match [Green & Orange dash] with the previous post is intended).

Aug 18, 2007

Lee Cooper Shoes - Indian Ad

Is it to do with a word-play between Soul and Soles?????
Find yourself, when a pair of shoes acts as a remedy to [major] identity crisis.

Aug 17, 2007

Carrying Things [1]

Challenging balance and safety.

How do people carry things? What kind of alternatives do they come up with, while adequate transport or infrastructures are not available? How do these solutions affect the cultural perception of what is allowed/safe or not?

Aug 16, 2007

Design for all?

Cars (rather sleek ones that is) made affordable to more people; while the increasing number of vehicles have become the problem #1 of Indian Metropoles [ Development of infrastructures which cannot keep the pace of this rapid change & Pollution ].

Aug 15, 2007

Sony Ericson Ad

I'm not sure...

Aug 14, 2007

Phone Abuse

Mahima, 18 years, Design student.

Proud of the tie she put on especially for her review in college ("It's a cat-cartoony tie", she ads), she was also showing me the sad stage of her phone... "A year old" she says, "and i dropped it so many times, a bus even sort of ran over it".
About a Nokia move: she gave me a demonstration of how, because of the flap being completely loose, she can open it with a single shake of her hand... and close it the same way. She even goes to the extend of flappping it back and forth, appreciating the ryhthm of the clapa-clapa-flap.

She says that if it was an i-phone, yes, she would be oh-so-careful about it, "but i still like this phone", she says,"and it is going to last me for at least two years more". To which she adds: "my previous phone, the 2300, my parents took it away from me and never gave it back to me, replacing it with this one because they were so ashamed of the state it was in, but it worked!"

Aug 13, 2007

Something Pink about Today

Style conscious upper-middle class student in the college bus with her friends ; lower-middle class man on a "Chai-cigarette" break at a local bakery in the outskirts of Bangalore.

Pink beyond gender and class barrieres...

Aug 12, 2007

Home-Made Speaker

Spotted on the ceiling of a local bakery, a home-made speaker, made out of a plasticLota (water container).

Polka Shoes

Cute polka-dots shoes, spotted on a rather big girl...

Aug 11, 2007

Private Bus Standard

... And you haven't seen the "Photoshop Bus" (eye, magnifier and feather graphic).

Aug 10, 2007

New Phone

Paru, 18 years old, Student in Art and Design (1st year).

I spotted her in the morning taking out her new phone with a contented smile, while we were waiting for the bus. Yes, IT IS a new phone she said, her smile widening further. "I had a Razr before, but one day it just died on me, i was using a friend's phone since then, but yesterday my friend told me that she wanted it back, so i had to get a new one".

She says she likes the color red, because it's Funcky, cool and different. "I like it because it's glossy and matte here at the back. I like the contrast" she adds.

When i asked her about the subtle design/pattern at the back, she answered:
"Yeah, it's nice, i mean, i don't really notice it. There was a pink one, really cool, with flowers. I mean, pink is ok, but these flowers were reaaaally nice. Why didn't i buy it? They didn't have stock and i couldn't wait. An impulsive buy, she agrees, ", i needed a phone!".

When i asked her if she paid for the phone herself, she told me that she had paid part of it while her grandmother had paid for the rest. To which she added: "My mother would never agree to put so much money on a phone. But i got it for 10 [thousand rupees], because my oncle's got a phone shop".

I need to interview this girl in more depth next week, once i get my camera :)

Aug 9, 2007

Temple Mobility

Just got the time to catch this rather fast moving mobile temple in the evening light... I can't recall seeing many of these, so i am not too sure how their itinerary is defined, and when / If they actually ever stop, or just play music and collect money.
I suppose that they would stop and provide whoever offers a few coins or rupee-notes with some kind of an "On the spot Private Worship-time Service"...
Mobile Worship Booth; will one ever consider implementing it with a Puja/Temple at your doorstep service on request??

Aug 8, 2007

Innovative (?) Shop Display

Premium designer boutique at the Leela Palace Galleria

"Interesting" Lamp-Heads... Fusional exploration in retail ligthing and display?

Aug 6, 2007

Alternative Signage

Shortcut indication
How often do signals actually provide us with useful informations/directions such as alternative ways?

Aug 5, 2007


Two interesting articles posted the same day on the "Unwired India" blog. ( Read the articles here )

Aug 3, 2007

Cool(ing) Can?

The entery of Canned soft drinks is still recent in the Indian market - it is therefore much more expensive, thus not really popular in a country where value for money is a decisive factor in purchase decision.

Spotted at a small local bakery, this ad for a new - cheaper - Pepsi Can... Looks like COOL ones got to have it.

Aug 2, 2007

(did she know that) She'd Spotted it Right (?)

"Super bright yellow, mixed with some orange to create a flowing print" - Color forecast Fall 2007.

Every morning, on my way to the Studio, i get drown in the irremediably bright color-flow of (female) workers on their way to the factory.

Aug 1, 2007

Lateral-LITERAL Thinking

While on a Rishaw ride this morning, i was noticing the Literal nature of visual translation in many street graphics. Some of them are so literal they end-up being quite amazing (will post an example soon, spotted one i HAVE TO shoot).

And here is a milk pot i spotted at the CHA BAR later on today. A wonderful example of literal 3D translation.

Designers in the West push the boundaries of Lateral Thinking.
But Indian designers seems to have cracked their own way to break-through thinking - sourcing inspiration from their own visual culture and pushing the boundaries of Literal Thinking.