Jul 27, 2007

The Smart Indian

(Keeping my hands in a slightly different cultural pocket).

Today while attending the second day of a 2 days market research seminar (MRSI), my thought-flow rose slightly when one of the speaker - presenting a case study - mentioned the need for market strategies which could minimize the scope for "the smart Indian" to intervene (he was referring to refills of printer's cartridges).

What struck me at that point was: why wouldn't one observe and learn from the genius - fantastic out-of the box thinking - of peculiar problem-solving systems of a given culture, in order to spot new market opportunities and create innovative service/sale formats that will suit both party (i.e: their interests) better?

And here comes the link [ literally ] with the picture above. I'll let you check it out for yourselves, as i don't see a need to paraphrase the linked article.

Signing off on this thought: how can we learn from the "smart Indian" and try to become smart Indians ourselves?
What makes us believe so strongly that we need to "create designs for India"?
Aren't we becoming like the child who just cannot see why his cube will never pass through the circular hole?
Why don't we instead validate (acknowledge & appreciate) Indian values* we could adopt ourselves and integrate at a global level?
(*values Indians would genuinely relate to).

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