Jul 29, 2007

Middle-Class Perfect

Along with the middle-class, the rise of Apartment Complexes, mushrooming wherever - minimal - space allows it.
From bright orange / sky-blue, to lemon-yellow / pink, to purple and white... The (doubtful?) color-combinations seem to have nothing to do with the traditional brightness of Indian landscapes, not even do they blend harmoniously with their immediate environment.


Peculiar Style-Status-Statement of the urban middle-class: Being seen seems to be all that counts: one's gotta keep pace with other - consumerist - rats in the race: when good taste is been measured by the number of looks it attracts, harmony and simplicity are values which are soon forgotten.

Interesting to see here how the owner of the building implicitly excludes the eventuality of potential Muslim (an important population of that area), and maybe Christian tenants by embedding (displaying?) large Hindu symbols on the facade...

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