Jul 14, 2007

Indian Beauty...

India Lee Ad: "Skinny Jeans, not for the masses".
There seem to be an important change in the perception of beauty in urban India. While in the West there seem to be an effort towards the "normalization" of women depicted in ads (i.e: Dove Self Esteem Foundation and their last ad - Evolution - which got an award at Cannes), Indian art directors seem to be opting for a totally different strategy... Disgusting.
Sometimes, this Inclination towards integrating the negative sides of the West makes me think of teenagers smoking... Attraction towards the forbidden, or mere reaction to a restrictive - here conservative - environment?

An article pubished in "India Today" this week: rich urban kids indulging in beauy treatments - from pedicures to facials, accompaning their mothers or celebrating their birthdays at beauty palors.
Kids and their mothers think "it's important to feel good and beautiful", and it hasn't taken long for people to see a huge business oportunity in this phenomenon: kids grooming centers and special packages are blossoming... Would making a connection between this article and the previous ad be to much of an extrapolation?

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