Jul 23, 2007

Embeded Stories

Screenshot from a Flickr page.
Patterns as a way to code stories that only the initiated can read. When belonging to a community entails the knowledge of that language - and the question of how does one learn it.
Who teaches it - or transmits it - and how?
Will one be taught how to merely decode or how to code (and create/share stories) as well? - i.e: edit / read only features on shared digital media.
Within that language, how much of one's own coding can be done so as to keep one's own secrets?
And when one doesn't know how to code, who does it? Is it someone entitled to do so or anyone who can? Does the coding of the story requires a ritual to take place and if that is the case, how much of that ceremony is linked to the "story" itself?

About the notion of secrets itself: Who do we share our secrets with? To what extent is the act of sharing secrets part of the socializing process? How do we share them and for how long do we keep them within the secret realm?(i.e: comment on the above picture).
How are secrets received, or, to what extend does one feels special or subconsciously classifies it as a different kind of data?

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