Jul 26, 2007

Civilized Littering

Context: 5 stars Hotel, marketing conference, business discussion = Serious / Formal.
Need: to dispose of the "used" (or in fact the not useful anymore - i.e:cup).
Obstacle: Lack of a "disposing area" at hand's reach.
Concern area: Manners.
Option 1: Interrupt the discussion to abandon the cup at an appropriate spot = impolite.
Option 2: Discretely leave the cup in an inappropriate area = not a mannered behavior.

To what extend can the limits of politeness and what is considered as socially acceptable stretch according to the context? How much does Culture affect these perceptions and how does one deal with these in a multi-cultural context? Whose notion of what is considered as polite - or not - takes over the other?

In a given society, does the fact that other people have dared to take action, affect the notion of what is socially acceptable? Or even call to a chain reaction (ie: liberate those who were stuck in the same dilemma)?

Are trends the style version of such a phenomena?

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